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Advantages of having BrightPanels at home
Posted on February 20, 2015

The PVC Ceiling Panels are available in matte finish. It is suitable for humid and dry environments and are perfect for an entire house or business at a much lower cost than regular ceilings.


BrightPanels are available in different color variation and has a distinct finish. It has a dimentional stability and it is in vibrant colors. It is elegant yet practical. It is durable and has a real wood design. It is very easy to install. BrightPanels provides a unique wood grain finish PVC, which combines the strength, durability and water proof nature of PVC with the look and feel of real wood. Products made with this material are indistinguishable from similar all wood products. We have matching corner strip for every available color.


Laminated PVC panel for Wall & Ceiling

BrightPanels is a synthetic wood, which is made by foaming PVC. It is 100% recyclable. It looks like wood, feels like wood & life is hundred times longer than wood.